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At your service since 2005 in Farnham

Please note that we do not have any place left for new clients with  big dogs  .

We can offer you nail clipping for dogs of any size.


Let me introduce myself: Sylvie Santerre; since my childhood i always had animals and my passion for them is strong. I had different careers in my life such as graduate nurse, payroll clerk for 25 years at Collins & Aikman until 2008. In 2005 i made one of my  dreams come true, i opened my Grooming Salon: Toilettage Sasha in Farnham for dogs and cats. I had to take my course on nights and weekends because i worked full time from Monday to Friday. When i opened my Grooming salon i had to work every night and weekends so i could establish my practice and i worked for 3 years at both places. When Collins & Aikman announced they were closing the plant, this gave me the opportunity to devote all my time and energy to my company.

Now let me introduce my daughter: Jennefer Desmarais who has the same passion as i do for animals. She always wanted to work with animals and when i opened my Grooming Salon she asked me if she could help me, she was only 14 years old at the time. I then showed her how to wash the dogs and she accompanied me when i groomed the cats by reassuring them. Very quickly she gained experience and she decided to take her course witch she finished in 2006. Since 2005 it was her weekend and summer job until 2010 witch became her full time job at Toilettage Sasha in Farnham. She did some training to specialize in scissor grooming, in dog coloring and dental hygiene.

As the years go by, we keep up to date on the products that are better for the dogs and cats. Our personalized beauty center Toilettage Sasha in Farnham for dogs and cats offers  professional services of quality in a warm and laid back atmosphere. We pay special attention to your companion depending on their health issues and we do so with respect and sweetness.


We would like to welcome our future costumer and thank our loyal customers.



                                              Toilettage Sasha

                                                               1340 Philippe

                                                          Farnham, QuébecSylvie et JenneferSylvie et Jennefer





        Open hours:

Sunday:            Closed

Monday:           Closed

Tuesday:         8:30 à 18:00h

Wednesday   8:30 à 16:00h

Thursday        8:30 à 18:30h

Friday              8:30 à 16:00h

Saturday         8:30 à 16:00h


Please advise us the day before your appointment if you need to change the date or time to prevent cancellation fee.

Since it is not possible for us to answer the phone sometimes, please leave a message.

Open hours can be subject to change without notice.